North Carolina Barbecue Society


About NCBS

"The Fun Tribe”™ aka The North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS)

North Carolina is not only First in Flight, but also the “Cradle of ’Cue®.” We have long claimed the former, but have been remiss in establishing the latter. It is time we step up as a state and rightfully claim what many of us have known for a long time, that North Carolina originated barbecue (it’s a Noun), we produce the BEST and we are the Barbecue Capital of the World.

A number of states and some cities have their own barbecue society. Kansas City has had the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) for over 25 years. Until the creation of the NCBS, North Carolina has never had a barbecue society and we should have had the first. Barbecue started on our eastern NC shores, it did not start in Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, Chicago or any other place claiming to be a barbecue mecca. [more . . .]

Mission Statement 

The mission of the North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS) is to preserve North Carolina’s barbecue history and culture and to secure North Carolina’s rightful place as the Barbecue Capital of the World. Our goal is to promote North Carolina as “the Cradle of ’Cue®” and embrace all that is good about barbecue worldwide. As we strive to achieve these lofty goals we will be guided by the polar star that barbecue is all about good food, good friends and good times.

Jim Early, President & CEO