Bar-B-Q King, Lincolnton
Steve Abernathy
2613 East Main St.
Lincolnton NC 28092
(704) 735 1112

“Owner Steve Abernathy opened the Bar-B-Q King in 1971. Steve apprently followed the adage "Build a better mouse trap and they will come." For come, they do. When I was there at 6 p.m. on a Thursday night, the big parking lot was chock-a-block full and there were lines of people out the door as people happily waited their turn for some of Steve's delicious 'cue.

The chopped barbecue has a good, hearty roasted pork flavor. The outside brown mixed with inside white produces a nutty, rich brown taste without any sauce. The 'cue is moderatly moist without sauce and has hints of smokiness

The sliced barbecue pork was cut-with-a-fork tender and moist, especially for sliced pork. It had a good, rich, pork flavor. I found the sliced barbecue delicious without any sauce. It tasted like roast pork and apricots.

The slaw is white with flecks of celery seed and no mayonnaise. It has a good crisp, tart, fresh, cabbage taste.

The hushpuppies had a golden outer shell with a light crunch, a very moist center and a good cornbread flavor. These are really good pups.

Bar-B-Q King's Eastern North Carolina sauce is a reddish-amber sauce with a mild twang that has a hint of an apricot taste. I know it is not apricots, but it tastes like that to me.

I found this slightly sweet sauce was very good on the chopped 'cue and the sliced 'cue as well.

Bar-B-Q King's jalapeno sauce is a reddish sauce with jalapeno slices floating about. This one is an attention getter. By itself, it will light your fire. On the chopped 'cue, it behaves very well. I like it. It also goes well with the sliced 'cue. Use sparingly to avoid overwhelming the taste of Steve's delecious pork products. Try mixing one-third jalapeno sauce and two-thirds Eastern North Carolina sauce. Experiment.

Hours are 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. It's closed Sunday."

 Excerpts from The Best Tar Heel Barbecue Manteo to Murphy page 111.