Bum's BBQ
Dennis Latham (Owner)
566 E. 3rd St.
Ayden, NC 28513
(252) 746-6880

In the Beginning, God created the earth. Later He made man in His own image. Man learned to hunt. Man acquired fire. Man learned that cooking the meat over fire produced a better meal than eating it raw. The world of BBQ was created. We do not know if the Man who discovered this phenomenon was named Dennis. We do know that folks named Dennis have been cooking BBQ in Eastern NC for a long, long time. Seems a fellow named Dennis named a little village Otter. It later became known as Ayden. I am told that at one time Ayden had four BBQ places- one on each corner. Most, if not all, were run by a member of the Dennis clan. Skilten Dennis was born in 1811. He started selling BBQ and bread out of a mule-drawn wagon at age 19. His son, Skilton M, Dennis (dob 1842), followed in his daddy’s footsteps and set up a BBQ stand in Ayden. Fast forward Skilton M. Dennis had a son named Bill. Bill had two daughters and four sons. Two of his sons, Emmit and John, opened BBQ places in Ayden. John sold his place to Lathem “Bum” Dennis. “Bum” opened his place in 1963. For a brief period “Bum” tried cooking with gas. He soon went back to his roots, cooking with hardwood low and slow with meat dripping directly on live coals. Seems we have come full circle.

“Bum’s” is a full service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner “Bum’s” has BBQ, Fried Chicken, Ham, Black Angus Steak, Beef Stew, Chicken and Pastry and a Veggie Plate. These can be ordered with a variety of sides including Collards, Cabbage, Rutabagas, Boiled Potatoes, Brunswick Stew, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and a host of others. Dessert is “Bum’s” World Famous Banana Pudding (and there are others). Really good food!

“Bum’s” is located at 566 E. 3rd St, Ayden, NC 28513. Call (252) 746-6880. Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 4:30am to 7pm---Tuesday and Saturday 4:30am TO 2:30pm. CLOSED SUNDAY.