Fuzzy’s, Madison
Phil Nelson
111 West Murphy Street
Madison, NC 27025
(336) 427-4130

“Fuzzy’s restaurant in Madison has been synonymous with good barbecue since T.H. “Fuzzy” Nelson established it in 1954. Fuzzy’s has always enjoyed a good name among barbecue aficionados in the north/northwestern area of North Carolina. Unless one had family or business in the area or were traveling highway 311 or 220, Fuzzy’s would not be in most people’s everyday path. Despite being slightly out of the way, Fuzzy’s has gained a following that certainly puts it in the forefront of good barbecue places in our state.

Fuzzy’s chopped barbecue is very lean with a good smoky flavor. It is really ground rather than chopped, the way many people prepare their barbecue today. The barbecue comes from the kitchen generously sauced. Fuzzy’s dip, which has always been one of his claims to fame, is a Lexington-style blend of vinegar, ketchup and other ingredients. It has a slightly vinegary, tomatoey taste with peppers that shine through but do not overwhelm. I found the barbecue to be moist and zesty with a good aroma and great taste. Note of caution: Do not add dip at the table until tasting the meat as served.

The sliced ham barbecue was moist, tender and had a great flavor. It had good grain. One does not need to add anything to the dish as it comes nicely sauced from the kitchen. It’s to kill for.”

Excerpts from The Best Tar Heel Barbecue Manteo to Murphy pages 115-116.