Grady’s Barbecue, Dudley
Steve and Gerri Grady
3096 Arrington Bridge Road
Dudley, NC 28333
(919) 735-7243

Gerri (short for Geraldine) Grady states that in early summer of 1986 she discovered she no longer had a job after coming back from rehab for an injury that occurred on the job. Her husband Steve worked at a lumber yard. Steve told Gerri not to worry, he would create jobs for them so that they could work together. Steve bought a family member’s interest in a small barbecue operation. Steve had access to wood through his former employer. Steve decided to cook barbecue the old fashioned way with wood over open pits. Steve would run the pits and delivery truck and Gerri would run the kitchen. Grady’s Barbecue opened its doors for business on July 4, 1986.

Cooking barbecue over pits with wood is long, hot, back-bending work. Few people in today’s society seek the 12-15 hour days of a barbecue man. This is why about 99 plus percent of the barbecue places open today cook with gas or electricity. As Gerri will tell you, a barbecue man’s wife’s days are no shorter. Gerri works tirelessly in her sparkling stainless steel kitchen. The cleanliness of Grady’s reflects Gerri’s medical training. The sanitation rating for Grady’s barbecue is 102. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Grady’s barbecue is rich, nutty, brown, hand chopped pork with a smoky woodsy taste that only comes from slow smoking over wood on open pits. It is tender and juicy with specks of red pepper peeking out of coarse chopped ’cue that contains bits of outside brown and tiny bits of skin (bark). This ’cue is so good you don’t want to swallow it. It is one of the best eastern style ’cues one will ever taste – pure ’cue heaven on earth. The coleslaw is a fresh moderately chopped cabbage with mayo and a hint of pickles that make this garden fresh offering the perfect dinner companion for the rich ’cue.

Grady’s sauce is a true Eastern North Carolina bbq sauce with a bit of fire. It is the absolute perfect partner for the smoky ’cue. Add sauce lightly as the ’cue is just about perfect as it comes from the kitchen. A delicious hushpuppy rounds out the fare.