Wink’s Bar-B-Que, Salisbury
Dwight Martin
509 Faith Road
Salisbury, NC 28146-7011
(704) 637-2410

“Billing itself “King of Barbecue,” Wink’s Bar-B-Que and Seafood does not have the traditional pig on its sign outside but instead has the King of the Beasts (a la Lion King) wearing a crown. This motif is carried over on the t-shirts of dozens of busy employees scurrying about inside.

Wink’s Bar-B-Que and Seafood was the brainchild of “Wink” Wansler almost 50 years ago. At one time, there were several Wink’s Bar-B-Que and Seafood places in and about the Rowan area. Today there is only one.

The pork shoulders are roasted slowly over wood coals and hand chopped. The chopped barbecue is moderately coarse with nice large pieces. It is moist and has a good smoky flavor with outside brown mixed in with inside white. A nice pink color shows the smoke penetration. It has a nutty flavor and is not sauced in the kitchen. With barbecue sauce, it has a nice mild, rich flavor. It’s a good beginning and a good finish with no lingering aftertaste. The sliced barbecue is thick and pink throughout (smoked to the bone). It’s tender and very moist for sliced barbecue. The sauce helps bring out the nutty brown flavor from the hickory wood. It tastes like pulled pork from a pig pickin’. It’s the best.

The sauce has a bright vinegar taste with spices but it’s not too fiery by itself. It’s orangey-red in color and tastes like a hybrid Eastern North Carolina/Lexington offering. I found the sauce plenty spicy but not hot with peppers.”

Excerpts from The Best Tar Heel Barbecue Manteo to Murphy pages 134-135.